Dream Boogie with SARK

One of the things that really stands out for me in SARK’s Dream Boogie – Dancing from Dreaming to Doing Class is the amount of support you get.

Boogie Buddies takes support a step further. Not only is it support through the class, but it’s a support you get to take with you forever.

We are randomly paired with 3 or 4 other people and given their email addresses.

Each week SARK gives us a challenge to work with our Boogie Buddies. It’s like getting extra help, encouragement and support right in your e-mail box, as close as your send button.

Some of the Challenges invite you to ask for what you want. As you move through the class (and through life) your buddies can help you collect evidence of your progress and keep you on track.

My favorite is the Toy Chest of Virtual Prizes. You make a list of your favorite books, foods, things that make you smile, what you’d buy if money was no object, etc.. Send the list to your buddies. When you are in need of a prize, ask and your buddies can send you a virtual gift from your toy chest.

These buddies, as I said, can last a lifetime. We often find we were brought together for a “reason.” But, I think SARK would agree, those reasons were already there. We only just saw them when we came together. We, SARK teaches, are all mentors for each other. It’s built-in us.

One more feature that makes this such a fabulous class!

Remember to sign up using this link. Fall Session begins September 22nd. Boogie on!