Two very powerful words.  Second only, perhaps to I Am.

I Choose gets things in motion. In every moment we are choosing who we are and who we wish to be. In my personal growth and evolution I’m coming to see the power behind these two words. It is like the mustard seed of faith that is prepared to sprout. It brings all kinds of forces together.

Note the difference in tone and impact – in just the words ~ “I Want to take really good care of myself” vs. “I Choose to take really good care of myself.”  It stands taller and straighter. It is not supplicating – saying I don’t now take good care of myself.  But it makes a statement to say I Choose.  It keeps you alert to all the things that can be brought to bear and the actions toward taking good care.  It opens options.  Instead of saying I don’t have, it is defining what I choose to have. They say you always attract better when you’re in a state of gratefulness, rather than seeing the lack.

My latest round of choosing to take good care of myself has produced some interesting revelations:  It’s not about how I treat myself exactly, it’s more about how I honor myself.

In taking good care of myself it doesn’t mean giving myself everything I want – the extra helping of dessert, another hour to play. It doesn’t mean I can let myself off the hook for the commitments I’ve made.  It is about talking to myself in a more honoring way. 

The thing I was doing that didn’t progress as far as I’d hoped.  I honor the time and energy I did put into it and choose not to lose energy giving myself a hard time about not moving faster. 

It’s about not crying over spilt milk.  But just staying in the moment and cleaning it up without having a critique session over what a clumsy oaf I am.

I Choose is a powerful motivator for all ventures.  I choose to make more money can put many things in motion, help make decision easier.  I choose to do things that are good for my health.  This makes many decision more evident.  When it comes time to reach for that dessert, rather than whining, I want to lose weight, instead I know that I choose to be healthy instead.  So, have a little, but not too much.

Saying I Choose states your commitment for how you want your life to be.

I choose to be a Good Friend.  What does that mean to me?  What kind of actions am I going to take to support being a good friend?  I don’t say I want to be a good friend, indicating that I have been a slacker lately.  But instead, I am speaking from my higher self, who chooses, always, to be a Good Friend.

I Pick you. Sometimes I like to use the word “pick” instead.  It reminds me of children playing.  Picking sides or a toy from the toy chest. Picking the games to play.  Picking dance partners and lab partners. Picking friends.

Every choice you make says something about who you are and where you intend to go. Set up an intention, decide to Choose it, then pick an action that feels good and moves you toward your intention. Watch what can happen next!