It is the Little Things in SARK’s Dream Boogie Class that really make you feel you’re getting so much more for your money!

The exciting news you just received from a Boogie Beans Community (BBC) friend of a great success!  The comforting e-mail from a Boogie Buddy.  When you least expect it, there will be a Boogie Bit e-mail from SARK saying exactly what you need to hear like: “Hello Sweet Little Soul! You are a tender little bean.  You are precious and lovable. Move closer to yourself so you can witness how endearing you really are. Your dream will thank you for loving you! Love, Susan.”

The Boogie Bit might also give you just the thing to ponder. One e-mail included  a soothing visualization of being in a canoe in the sun. Then SARK asked us what we think of the term “Awakened Vulnerability.”

It could come in the support or encouragement you find on one of the BBC forums.

You had a tough day and come home to watch one of SARK’s Boogie Burst videos.  It’s as if you’ve just had tea with her.  You come away feeling refreshed and excited about yourself and your dream!  Yes I can, you hear.  And all this in less than 5 minutes!

It’s the soothing voice of SARK (aka Susan) once a week on the phone, teaching and giggling, sighing and conjuring.  It’s in her readings, poems, songs or visualizations that end each class.  Completing the call feeling so much better than you did before! In that state of belief and glowing from knowing.

Another little thing that isn’t so little is when you sense that a newly acquired tool is doing its job, making your life easier.  Or that one thing SARK said to you in class last week finally sinks in and opens a door you didn’t even know was there. There are so many wonderful little things that tell you you’ve made the right decision to sign up.  

You can attend a free teleclass SARK is giving with Marney Makridakis on Thursday, September 22.  It’s called “SARK and Marney’s Magic Management: How Your Inner CEO and Inner Spirit Can Get Along and Thrive!”  I took this class and it was a lot of fun and very inspiring.  It’s a wonderful way to get a free taste of SARK and Marney’s teachings.  After the class, there will be a live information session for Dream Boogie, where participants in the current session will share their experiences and answer questions.

Click here for more information and to get your name on the Guest List for the Magic Management Class!