“We are indelibly connected and when our dreams come together, they are magnified.”  SARK, aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.

In SARK’s Dream Boogie, Dancing from Dreaming to Doing, her 8 week teleclass, as a bonus to your registration fee, you get connected to the Boogie Beans Community or BBC, as we called it.  A wonderful sandbox to play with all the other people taking this class.

You get to set up your own profile page with art or writing.  You can “friend” others and leave messages on their walls.  In this sandbox you will find a forum with areas such as “Juicy Introductions” where you can introduce yourself.  “Affirmations and Validations,” to go if you need such.  And “Succulent Solutions” for ideas from very loving, giving and wise people.  I’ve never done forums before and this was a safe arena for me to see how it works.

Another forum is “SARK’s Intuitive Flash.” In this area you can leave a short description of a situation and SARK will answer back with her Intuitive Flash.  You can learn a lot about listening to intuition in this class.  I forgot to mention, in last week’s description of the tele-class, that you are put together in small groups on the calls.  Susan gives you instructions to ask for intuitive guidance from people who know nothing about you.  It’s a great way to meet people, but it is also an amazing experience to hear how complete strangers can give you such right-on advice.

On the BBC, you can go at your leisure and download the Boogie Books, listen to interviews or “Inner Views” as SARK calls them, with people she has picked as her favorite dream doers.  And you can watch SARK videos, called Boogie Bursts, as well as find out any new information on the class.

SARK believes that we all deserve mentoring and we are all mentors for each other.  To take this even further, you are put in a group of 3 or 4 other class participants as your Boogie Buddies.  You get direct e-mail access to these people.  Each week SARK delivers a new Boogie Buddy Challenge. These are fun ways you can use each other for mentoring and support. One asks that you identify a fear that is keeping you from moving forward and that you ask your Boogie Buddies for ideas for working with them or ways they have handled these fears.  There are games to play like “A Toy Chest of Virtual Prizes.”  Everyone has a list of the others’ faves, such as  color, books, songs, vacations, what you’d buy if money was no object etc.  And then, when you need something, you can practice receiving one of those things and giving when others ask.

If you feel alone in this class, you are working hard to avoid the support and nurturing that’s everywhere you look.

Today is the last day to get a discount on your entrance fee. But even if you miss it, I’ll say again, it is well-worth every penny. Click here for more information and to sign up.