What is the filter through which you choose to look at Life? To see clearly what is and then to name it what you choose?  How do you choose to relate to the situation? To define it?

Are you going to see things in a positive light – through the eyes of a Loving Universe? Or are you going to see this situation in a negative light? As if you‘re being punished for something: you’re a failure, you’re no good or you’ll never be good enough anyway ~

Same situation either way.  You still tell the truth about it.  But what is the story you’re going to tell about it?

If you choose the Loving Universe Theory, the positive slant, if you will, you melt that negativity that is gripping your heart, your hand, your mind, your emotions. Things loosen up, clear out and then you see the world much more clearly. The situation can come into further focus when it doesn’t hurt to look at it. You can see the reality more clearly when you’re not so – afraid, upset, angry, frustrated, insecure, unsure. You stand more confidently in who you are and are in a far better, more stable position from which to take action. Whatever it might require. Rather than standing on wobbly, overwrought legs.

This positive stance gives you a clearer head for making choices before you act. To help you pause a little longer to consider rather than being run around by emotions. You have the space to make a better choice.

In this way you come to see that any choice is fine.  Because you can make another choice from the standpoint of the Loving Universe.  It’s preferable to choose than to not choose.  If you don’t, Life will make the choice for you. So, just make a choice right now, today.

There are plenty of choices in the present moment, unclouded by emotion. You can always choose to be loving, conscious, and more effective if you take a moment, unafraid of looking too closely or making the “wrong” decision.  Simply see what is, with a positive slant, and do what works.