“Affirmations are more powerful than requests, for they remind you that you already have what you seek.” – Alan Cohen

Affirmations, I believe, are a really good tool for generating the feeling of having instead of the neediness in a plea of I want.

Affirmations tend to get a bad rap. Some people say it’s just a fantasy. That you can’t wish something into being simply by saying it over and over. It does no good to say, for instance, the sun is shining, when, frankly, it isn’t. I always seem to be convinced when others argue against affirmations.

But I have been using them for years and I find that my attitude is less bright when I forget them. Simple as that.

What Alan Cohen says makes sense. The power of affirmations is in the feeling they create. Affirmations shift you from saying, I want this, to the more present tense form of affirmation that says, I have this. Through this process you help yourself to feel what it’s like to have it already.

“Conversations with God” (as well as others) talk about the construction of “I want.” That it comes from a place of lack. After all, if you had it, you wouldn’t want it. In CWG, God tells us that using “I choose” is a more powerful statement.

Affirmations re-mind you to look more carefully. An affirmation like, “I am easily and joyfully receiving money from multiple sources,” keeps you open to noticing when and where you get money. You may find you’ve received an unexpected pay back, a refund check, and your regular income stream. Truth, reaffirmed. With the feeling intact, you are ready to draw more of the same.

Affirmations help you to tune into your life to see all that you currently have. And all that you are.