It was a long book proposal retreat weekend.  We got a lot done, but I was pretty cooked when I got home yesterday.  So, I’d like to talk today about freedom and independence from both Alan Cohen and SARK.

“The richest freedom is the power to choose inner peace.”  Alan Cohen

SARK has given me the freedom to take better care of myself through that choice.

Alan Cohen has given me freedom from erroneous thinking.  Freed me from the dark as he shines his wonderful Hawaiian light on life.

SARK has freed me from the many ties that have been holding me down.

Alan Cohen has given me independence by reminding me that I need nothing more than that choice for inner peace to be free.  No matter how trapped I may be feeling by my circumstances.

SARK has given me independence by reminding me that a stronger me is a more of service me.

Alan Cohen has offered me a freedom that can never be taken away and need never be farther than my next thought.

SARK has freed me from the box – helping me to see my way clear to going further than I’ve ever gone before.

Alan Cohen has freed me to walk the path that taps into the power accessed in that place of inner peace.

SARK has freed me from the Tyranny of To Dos with Micromovements

Alan Cohen has given me both freedom and independence by sharing with me the riches to be found in inner peace.

SARK has given my dream independence to fly on its own.

Alan Cohen has shown me the keys to the place where fireworks are always going off.

SARK has taught me to fly my own flag. To hold it high and proud.

Both of them have freed me from the attachment to old stories. What a feeling of independence that is!