You’re going along fine, doing your thing and then whack! Something pops up you hadn’t expected or what you were counting on doesn’t pan out.

It’s often hard to discern what’s going on. Is this just a bump in the road or is it that something isn’t right? Your direction? Your tactics? Your intention? Is this a sign that says go the other way? Or is it something that needs to be overcome? How do you know if obstacles are indicating a change of direction or challenges to be met?

I keep coming back to that Inner Knowing. That still, small voice under all the chatter. That voice can grow even more still, even smaller when you don’t listen to it. Maybe sometimes you just have to experiment with it. Look to your feelings as guides. They may be based on erroneous thoughts, but they are a good indicator. Take some kind of step from them. Test out your Inner Knowing.

Circumstances, the details of the situation – as with all conundrums – do add much to your decision. But that’s the thinking part. The feelings can give you a more expanded view.

It does take getting quiet. Being away from cell phones, TVs, the Internet. Sometimes you have to get away from walls, too. Though nature can be a tad noisy, I don’t think the still, small voices is as shy around it.

You can factor in the cold hard facts, but look to see how you feel. Do you feel tired and defeated or do you feel challenged? It’s not always easy to tell. If you feel defeated it may not necessarily be that you need to give up. Maybe you just need a rest, a break from it.

I think, in the end, the answer lies in thinking outside the box, along with honoring your feelings. Finding creative ways to get yourself juiced again without abandoning the journey. Maybe you will find that there are too many things working against you and you do need to rethink. But try to pull out the fearful and doubtful thoughts before abandoning your trajectory. Remember your intention. What are you trying to do here? What is it you want? Is there a way you can fix it? Can you find a way that can get you excited again?

What are your thoughts on this conundrum? I welcome your comments.