Creating Money, Keys to Abundance,” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

1. Orin and DaBen
This book was actually channeled from these two entities.  At first I was skeptical of this.  I thought it was a little hokey and I wasn’t sure I believed it.  But I came to see that as a writer, I often feel like I’m channeling words.  When I’m at ease, I sometimes wonder where a certain passage came from.  Surely, in fiction, I have felt another force (the characters themselves?) showing me the way.  Orin and DaBen have different voices and speak about different things.  One is more practical than the other.  Their unique tones provide a well balanced picture.  In the end it doesn’t matter the source, it’s about the message.

2.  The PlaySheets
After each chapter is what they call “PlaySheets” to explore further the topic of the chapter.  Usually 4 or 5 questions to ponder.  I love a good pointed question.  For example, the “Allowing Success PlaySheet” begins like this: “Picture something you want that you don’t yet have.”  Then, “Think of all the reasons why you are now closer to getting what you want than you have ever been.”  The third one is, “Take a moment and experience what success feels like to you.”  They are meant to conjure feelings and stimulate your imagination.

3.  The Use of Imagination
Imagination plays a large part in attracting what you want.  In the processes outlined in this book, Orin and DaBen tell you that “your imagination is your most powerful energy-creating tool. . . . Concentrating on what you want by focusing steadily on it for several minutes at a time increases the speed with which you draw things to you.”  The first exercise in the book is a visualization to help you practice and develop your powers of imagination.  You begin by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and relaxing.  Then, you’re asked to envision a room in your house and see how many details you can see.  Is it in color?  Where are the pieces of furniture?  Next, you are to pick up an object and really look at it.  Then, put it down and return your hands to the same position, close your eyes and see how much of it you can remember.  They offer these visualizations, but also allow you to open to whatever pictures you see.

4. The Easy Methods
The ways and means they outline in the book for creating money, discovering and finding what you want, are easy and fun.  Like the PlaySheets and the wonderful visualizations.  There is a playfulness to the whole book.  Though they are talking about important and powerful subjects, there is an air of allowance and acceptance throughout.  You never feel you’re doing anything “wrong.”  There are several exercises that are pleasant visualizations and meditations to work the program.

5.  The Sections and Chapters
There are four sections in the book: Creating Money, Developing Mastery, Creating Your Life’s Work and Having Money.  They move you easily through each them, increasing your knowledge and developing your skills.  Under Developing Mastery are the following chapters: Following Your Inner Guidance (with some good tips on how to discern Inner Guidance from fear); Allowing Success (many of us have a stopping point when it comes to success); Transforming Your Beliefs (crucial to opening to success); Letting Money Flow (amen!); Coming Out of Survival (some of us can get stuck there); Trusting and Miracles.  Each chapter and section build on each other.

6.  Affirmations
Within each chapter, heading up each sub-section are affirmations you can use to instill the teachings.  Under Creating Your Life’s Work, the chapter “You Can Do What you Love,” are the following affirmations:
 As I do what I love, money and abundance flow freely to me.
 I have a unique, special contribution to make.
 Everything I do adds beauty, harmony, order, and light to the Universe.
 I am in charge of my destiny. I am the builder of my life.
 Do what you love and the money will come.
If you like, you can order affirmation cards.

7.  Magnetizing
Perhaps the heart of this book is the magnetizing.  It is a two step process.  You begin by answering a set of questions to get really clear on what you want.  (Always, your intention is crucial.)  The first asks you to write down specifically what you want, down to how much money in dollars and cents.  Then you are to expand on that.  How could you make it even better? Next you search for the essences – what qualities do you wish to express by having this and what are the features of it?  With that knowledge you can start to see ways that you can have those essences without waiting until you get what you want to magnetize.  (I often just do this first step and find it adds much to my understanding of what I’m after.) With a clear picture, you can move to the visualization step.  In this process you get comfortable, relax your muscles and then imagine what it is you want to create.  See yourself having it. What will it feel like?  The pictures you can form and the feelings you generate all contribute to your power in magnetizing.  Next, they tell you, “Imagine that you have a power source within you that generates energy.  Then picture a coil, like a loop, that goes around and around . . . Use as the source of power whatever feels right to you. You might imagine spinning your magnetic coil in whatever direction feels more comfortable.”  It is a pleasant experience and always leaves you feeling empowered.  And can often work miracles.

8.  How I Found this Book
Well, actually, it found me.  In a used bookshop in North Carolina, I saw it on the shelf and pulled it out.  It seemed to call to me.  I do have a bit of a sense about self-help/spiritual and personal growth books.  It is, after all, my field.  This is not the only time I have been able to pick up a book and know it will change my life.  I knew nothing about it, nothing about the authors, nothing about what was in it. The book was published in 1987 and I found in the late 90’s.  I flipped through it once and knew I couldn’t leave without it.  A chance encounter, far from home, changed my life.

9.  The Summary of the Principles
In the back of the book is a numbered list of attracting and repelling qualities.  The instructions say to think of a number between 1 and 42. Read that quality and try to practice it during the day.  If you find yourself thinking the opposite, replace it. Number 17 is “Believing your path is important/ Not believing in your path.”  Number 8 is “Focusing on how you can serve others/Thinking only of what others will give you.”  It’s a handy way to remember and practice the principles.

10.  The Positive Slant on Work and Money
It is a slant which emphasizes doing work you love.  And that money is an energy field that can be magnetized, drawn to you.  I love the way it builds, carefully, teaching you the skills you need, all the while cradling you in a philosophy that says you are enough, you have what you need.  The underlying theme, to me, seems to be that these practices are accessible to everyone, that anyone can create money.

Please buy this book and experience for yourself the loving glow.

P.S. Birthday wishes to Paul McCartney.