I can’t believe it’s Week 8 of Dream Boogie!  I have enjoyed every minute of this class. And I will be sorry to see it end.  It was an intense study program and I feel I’ve gotten so much from it!  I believe I have graduated and am ready to strike out on my own.

Week 8 is about nourishing and tending to the Garden of our Dreams. It’s a perfect way to close.  SARK’s invocation for the week, “May we all tend our dream gardens in ways that delight us, and fulfill us, allowing blossoms of all shapes and sizes to emerge as we joyfully acknowledge both progress AND process with consistent celebration, honoring all processes of change and transformation with love and tenderness.”  Amen.  I couldn’t have said it better.

SARK asks us to really think about what nourishes us. And why.  There is this notion here about our dream being out there growing without us.  What a wonderful notion!  Like well-raised children, I suppose, a well-raised dream garden allows some much needed time off to admire your work.

There is talk in the Boogie Book of the states of Stuckness.  If you say, “I feel stuck,” it’s hard to know what to do about that.  I always want to bring in some warm water to melt myself out of it.  But instead, if I try to get more specific about it like, “I’m hiding” or “I want to revise where I’m headed,” that’s something I can work with.

SARK gave us a new tool this week. Her 3-Part Harmony.  It’s Mad, Glad and Wise Pages.  We can write out what we’re mad about, get out the feelings and then when the dust has settled, use the Wise Pages to allow our Wise Self to tell us the Truth about it all.  And the Glad Pages, which return us to that state of gratitude where we are ready to receive again.

The Positive Challenge this week is to imagine our Dream Team.  She says you can hire anyone you want as these people are paid by your “Trust Fund.”  SARK describes it as “a sum of energy that is based on the amount of trust you have in yourself and in your life.”  I chose a person to go through my e-mails and log everything that’s of any value: phone numbers, addresses, events . . .  I’d also like to have a 24/7 tech team to fix anything that goes wrong with my computer or equipment, an electrician who is ready at my call to fix or install anything.  “Help, I need a light over here!”

SARK wants us to be ready when our dreams get larger than we are.  She says that most people don’t think about that.  In order to prepare she gave us tips on managing our energy and what to do when we’re not paying enough attention to it and it drops too low.  She reminds us that we need systems to support us as our dreams grow bigger.

Delighting ourselves is something SARK thinks we need to do first.  And, she recommends that we are gentle with ourselves in challenging times.

In the special class last Thursday night, with Marney and SARK, we talked about our Inner CEO Energy and our Inner Spirit Energy. SARK expands on that concept with Manager and Worker Energy.  The worker makes the day-to-day, in the trenches decisions, based on how things are flowing, while the Manager can have a wider perspective and make decisions based on more rational thought.  I tend toward the worker energy and could use a little more respect and energy spent on the manager.  That was a good revelation.

In Dream Digging, which is my favorite part of the Boogie Books, we got to play more with the idea that our dreams have an energy and maybe even a personality of their own.  It helps to see our dream as energy we can use, as partnering with us to become realized.  We explored what nourishment is for us . . .  

And SARK asked us about our most significant experience in this class.  I don’t know that I can answer that.  There have been so many!  My encounters with SARK in Intuitive Flashes on the Forum, in class when she popped in unexpectedly, and her gracious and enthusiastic responses to my sharing, have certainly been significant.  I can’t say that moving from Dreaming to Doing isn’t the most significant.  And it would unseemly to disregard all the deep revelations I’ve had while playing in the Boogie Books. Surely those have been significant experiences.  Perhaps the most significant has yet to fully reveal itself. There have been so many seeds planted, so many new tools handed to me . . .

It was a wonderful close to the program!

The bonus class with Marney on Thursday night was as fun as the previous 8 evenings of Dream Boggie.  Including a technical glitch to bring in a little drama.  SARK and Marney helped us identify ways we could express our Inner CEO or Inner Spirit Energy when the situation called for either one.

The “After Party,” as SARK called it, was equally invigorating.  I think my testimonial went over well, if not in perfect sync with the program.  You can listen to my piece by going to www.PlanetSark.com and clicking on the Dream Boogie icon in the upper right corner and selecting Dream Boogie Samples.

Next week, when things settle down, I will have a wrap up to entice you to take the Summer Session of Dream Boogie with SARK which starts June 16, 2010.  You can sign up right away by clicking here .