There are several streams coming together this week for me.  The Coach by the Lake and I talk of crossing the streams like they did in “Ghost Busters,” for maximum effect.

As Positive Slant blog readers know, I have been reading “The Energy of Money” by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.  In the last chapter, she talked about the Jewish tradition of saying, when a healthy, beautiful baby is born, “What a shame about that ugly, sickly baby,” to avoid tempting fate.  I am quite certain that my mother’s Dutch and German heritage had similar superstitions and deep fears. This is not the first message I’ve gotten recently that I need to change the stories I’ve been telling myself too long.

This week in the SARK class we had a guest teacher since SARK was at Kripalu, teaching another class.  Marney Makridakis.  She has been the Inner View-er of the Inner Views we get every week.  One of the things Marney did was to ask us to pretend we were at a TV broadcast of the reunion of this Dream Boogie class in May, 2012.  We were going to be asked the following four questions.  In our small groups, we could answer any one of them.

1.  What do you love most about your life right now?
2.  What was your biggest challenge and how did you get through it?
3.  What advice might you give for people to achieve what you’ve achieved?
4.  The most important thing to know about the journey from dreaming to doing is:

Of course it’s not easy to come up with spiffy answers after having about 2 minutes to think about it and only 3 minutes to answer.  But it got us all jazzed up any way.  After the class, when I had some time to think, I answered all four.  In telling how I had overcome my challenge to get where I am, here in good old 2012, I loved the idea of saying, I rewrote my story.  What a perfect thing for a writer to do! 

Dr. Nemeth also spoke, in this chapter, about Abundance. That we so often think of it as having more.  When in fact, Abundance is about the totality.  The compliments and the complaints.  Accepting it all, allowing it all, opens pathways for receiving and loosens the energy for doing. What a revelation that has been for me!

And finally, this SARK class is, after all, about going from Dreaming to Doing.  As I cross these streams and prepare to use this opened energy, with my new story in hand, and an acceptance of the abundance of the world, The Coach by the Lake is helping me make concrete goals and holding me accountable.  I am so excited about the bold moves I have ahead of me!  You will be hearing from me. 

Marney and SARK are going to be teaching a free teleclass next Thursday, June 3rd.  If you have the time, I highly recommend it.  They are both, I can say from first hand experience, excellent teachers!  It’s called “SARK and Marney’s Magic Management: How Your Inner CEO and Inner Spirit Can Get Along and Thrive” and it’s going to be wonderful! They both have much they can teach us on this subject. After the class, there will be a live information session for Dream Boogie, where participants in the current session will share their experiences and answer questions.  I will be one of them!

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SARK and Marney's Magic Management