“The more you recognize the immense good within you, the more you magnetize immense good around you.” – Alan Cohen

I’m coming to see this is true. I’ve seen it operate in the opposite realm.  We all know that one.  When you wake up cranky, you inevitably stub your toe or spill something and make a big mess, adding fuel to your mood.  You literally magnetize or attract to you those things that match how you’re feeling.

Taking the positive slant, if you put yourself in a good mood – even if it’s contrived – you are more likely to attract ease and flow, moving through your morning smoothly.  Allowing it to unfold.  Allowing the immense good in you to shine.  And drawing to you more of the same. Think about attractive people.  They exude something that is sometimes irresistible, drawing you in.  It is what’s inside of them that is coming through.  We are able to see the immense good in them.

The lesson I’m learning is that there is this immense good in all of us.  And if we nurture that, when we can open fully to more and more of that, we will find ourselves far more appealing to others.  I believe what also happens is that since there is so much of that good in us, it can overflow onto others.  Onto the planet.  Making a better world for all of us.

I love that he used the word “magnetizing.”  It’s a powerful word I learned in one of my favorite books of all time, “Creating Money.”  It’s a lot like the Law of Attraction.  The force that pulls things to you.

I came up with a statement recently that I tacked up on my desk. “The likelihood of a wonderful future is greatly enhanced by the wonderfulness of the present moment.”  This statement may be speaking of recognizing that immense good in me and what I have heretofore brought into my life.  The acknowledgment of the wonderful present magnetizes more wonderfulness into my life.

This could be the most important thing we can do – to recognize that Good. Celebrate it!  I wish for all to see that Good in themselves.