This week’s SARK class is about MicroMOVEments and other productivity tools.  Delicious, SARK-type tools like rituals, rewards and naps.

MicroMOVEments are SARK’s version of baby steps. Except that they are far more specific and easier to do.  This is a method for being productive.  They are simply actions you take toward a specific goal that only take 5 minutes.  There isn’t much one can’t stand for 5 minutes.  But if it’s really freaking you out, 5 seconds will do. 

I thought I heard SARK say that the brain can’t tell the difference if you did something for just five minutes or five hours.  It only knows you did something.  I might have misunderstood because I can’t say that’s always true for me.  Maybe I’ve got other things going on . . .  Sometimes, after I’ve done a little bit of something, the task master will heartily say, “That’s not nearly enough!”  But the fact remains, if you’ve done something for even five minutes, you ARE doing it.  There’s no denying it.  And many 5 minutes can add up to something big.

What I’m certain she said was that 60% of the time, you will do more than 5 minutes.  That is how writing breeds writing.  Do it for a few minutes and before you know it, you’re sucked in.  Once you light the flame, it’s going.

This seems to be an easy and delightful system to keep moving.  SARK gave us a template for her MicroMOVEment Wheels (of course in multi-colors).  She said it helps to keep the file cabinets out of your head.  It draws together eight 5-minute steps you define to move ahead on a project.  It’s brilliant! 

I’ve made up several wheels.  Some for practical things like getting more clients for my business and others for things like taking better care of myself.  I can’t wait to get started!  Gee, I guess I already have.  It’s pretty easy to find 5 minute gaps in my life.  Most anyone can. Do one and you’re already on the wheel!
One of the other things I’m loving about Micromovements is that with only five minutes (or thereabouts) to do it, I best know precisely what I’m going to be doing.  For me resistance often comes when I’m not completely sure what to do next.  MicroMOVEment wipes that resistance away!

SARK gave us an invocation for this week’s lesson ~ “May we use MicroMOVEments to give our dreams big flapping wings so they can travel without us! And when they travel without us, they can get bigger than we are and be of great service to the world.”

I have to say that I am so glad I took this course!  I feel like I am getting far more than I thought I would.  There’s this whole amazing community I’m meeting.  And the booklets we get with each class, full of inspiring things to do and ways to expand on the concepts.  SARK sends us an e-mail once a week (or is it twice?) She interacts with us on the Forums and in the tele-a-class.  There are videos each week and what she calls “Inner Views” with her favorite Dreaming Doers.  There are lots of easy and fun ways to interact, learn and practice. I’m enjoying every minute of it!  Be sure to use this link to click for more information about SARK and her incredible programs: