I had an opportunity to listen to an interview with Marci Shimoff, author of the “Chicken Soup for Women” series and “Happy for No Reason.”

Marci says that dreams have led the way in her life.  She knew that she wanted to be a speaker when she was just a child and saw the great sales expert, Zig Ziglar speak.  Marci believes that dreams are planted in our hearts when we’re born.  Maybe that’s why they never go away.  She talks of going through cycles of rest and activity with them.  Sometimes you’re manifesting your dreams, sometimes you are incubating them.

Her credo in this is: Intention, Attention and No Tension.  For Intention we get clear on what our dream is.  Next we prepare ourselves by putting Attention to the dream.  Then we have to let go of Tension, surrender, relax and let it happen.  We allow Divine Grace to work through us when we let go.  But, Marci said, that part was the hardest for her.  It is for me, too.  And, I suspect, lots of others.  She says we must have faith.  When we’re driving in a car at night, we can only see 200 yards in front of us.

In her wonderful book, “Happy for No Reason,” Marci teaches us that everyone has a happiness set point.  So you might get really happy or really sad about one thing or another, but then you return to that happiness set point.  Where you are most of the time. But there are ways to raise your happiness set point in several areas of your life, such as the mind.  In the book, we learn to not believe everything we think and to release the reoccuring patterns of the mind.  We need to take responsibility for our own happiness and let love lead the way.  There are lots of other great ideas and Happiness Habits in her book.  I did a review of it awhile back here at The Positive Slant.

I don’t recall if this was an exact quote, but she said that when we are living our dream we are bringing the greatest gift to the planet.

Marci said that the way she operates is to continually ask herself, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself now?  I think that’s a powerful question.  It emphasizes  the present moment.  Right now, what is the most loving thing?  That could change frequently, so we must be really aware to get the answer. She also suggested getting rid of 27 things a day for 9 days.  That sounds like a lot to me!  But I can try to get rid of something every day.

In the end, she said the most important thing to know is to follow your heart.  I think that is beautiful, simple, doable advice.  Thank you, Marci!