In class three of SARK’s Dream Boogie, we have been focusing on Energy. By observing you can see what you’re doing.  Saying yes to whatever it is, you are able to see your patterned and predictable falls.  For instance, though I work at home I do leave the house from time to  time for various trips into the outside world.  I find, if I take one of these outings in the middle of my work day, upon returning, I have lost my momentum.  And it’s hard to get it back.

Noticing that, I can try to do something about it.  Keeping my energy or returning my energy to the level I need for the action at hand is a very good way to keep the dream moving.  SARK asked us to look at what expands and contracts our energy.  Knowing this is valuable information we can use to fuel our dreams.

I think this is about a willingness to move forward.  To keep taking the steps.  And as Susan Jeffers says, fear comes into play when we think we can’t handle it.  Keeping tabs on our energy, knowing what we can use to get the energy we need, we have more of a handle.  We feel safer.

SARK brought up a concept she calls “Awakened Vulnerability.”  I find it fascinating and I’m still wrestling with it.  But I think it’s about being okay, being willing, to be vulnerable.  Saying yes to your own vulnerability, but being awake enough to know what’s going on and what you need.  You are aware, so you are safe.  You return to the vulnerability of a child.  One that doesn’t think about when she has to be somewhere, or if what she’s done is good enough, if others will attack her work.  No, she’s just groovin’ with whatever is happening.  Dreaming of candy . . .   Laying there on her back, with her belly exposed, the self-created shell tucked neatly underneath her.  Relaxing into the child that doesn’t need the shell at all.

In the class, we practiced in our small groups asking for what we want.  That always seems so tough.  First you have to figure out what you need. (But maybe listening to your energy needs help to get clearer on what that is.)  Then, you have to be willing to ask and make yourself open to what you receive.  It’s quite a process, but a very satisfying and inspiring one.

SARK asked us to fill out these statements ~

  • I could be more willing to
    I could allow myself to be more
    Maybe I could try to
    Perhaps it’s time to just go for it and
    If I really knew it was possible I’d be willing to
    My dream really wants me to be willing to
    In order to expand my willingness it would take

 “Dreams are meant to fit in with actual life.  They want to be handled all the time,” SARK says.  She has some good ways to get us moving on our dreams, including her very own micromovements.  She promises more on that next week.

So by being better custodians of our own energy, being willing to say yes to our dreams, we can move more effectively where we choose to go.

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