Been working on my web site updates, so I decided to let Alan Scott fill in for me today.  For more of his radio scripts, check out

And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present, Alan Scott ~  Originally broadcast February, 1, 1946.

. . . Trying to piece together fragments of color thrown off by that big shindig that was held down in Washington back in the early days of 1946.

It was thrown by Texans to honor Texas and when Texans toss a party on their favorite subject . . . you don’t always get a coherent story. In fact, if the story were coherent the party wouldn’t have been a success. Texans have parties for three good reasons: (a) because it’s more fun having a party than not having one . . . (b) it’s an opportunity for Texans to get together in a foreign country, like Washington . . . and (c) to brag about Texas!

Bragging, when it’s done by Texans about Texas has no connotation of unpleasantness. It is the favorite indoor and outdoor sport of that great State and is indulged in only during the open season for Texas Brag, beginning on January first and continuing until the last day of December.

Ever since Texas decided to give in and allow the rest of the United States to hitch onto it, they have looked on the rest of us rather indulgently as though we’re pretty good kids and they don’t at all mind letting the other 47 states consider themselves an annex. And it’s in that spirit that the Texans in the Nation’s capital whopped up this big party. The accounts, as I say, are kind of garbled, but I am able to report that the main dish was broiled fillet of rattlesnake; that Admiral Nimitz made a speech; that Van Johnson made a brief appearance but promptly remembered a previous engagement when he was offered a tasty morsel of rattlesnake; that a few of the boys brought along some live rattle¬snake just in case of a meat shortage and that everybody had a good time.

And that the non-aggression pact with the other 47 states has been renewed indefinitely!