“When you can’t figure it out, feel it out.” – Alan Cohen

I think this is rock solid advice. I watched the movie “Pirate Radio” over the weekend. It reminded me of how music makes me feel. How it can take me out of my chattering mind and into my body, moving, feeling the music.

I have made decisions in the past based on very careful assessment of the pros and cons and been terribly disappointed with my choice. When you try to figure things out using your mind to find the answer, it’s so easy to get tangled up in your thoughts. Well, what about this, then? What about that? My mind is happy to conjure up all kinds of scenarios to consider.

But the truth is always in your body. How you feel can give you more information than two hours of thinking. And without the energy drain. How you feel can lead you quickly to define which feels better, lighter, more in line with what you’re trying to do.

If my tummy feels full, it’s time to stop eating. When my body just doesn’t have the energy, I need to rest. When my mind can’t think anymore, I need to switch it off. When I start to feel cranky, I need to play.

When thinking about a particular course makes you feel bad, you’ve narrowed the options. Either you’re avoiding it or you truly don’t want to do it. A little deeper sussing of what you’re feeling can reveal the answer. The more easily you can read your feelings, the closer you will come to hearing what you’re saying to yourself, the more rapidly and effectively you can make good decisions.

Figuring out can give you a list of facts, but it won’t tell you what feels right or wrong to you. Only by asking your body how it feels can you find the answers you seek.