Dream Boogie with SARK

There are only a few more days to sign up for SARK’s Dream Boogie Share and Tele-A-Class 8 Week course.  I got to listen to a sample of the first class.  You can too, if you like.  Click the link above.

The classes come to us in 5-D Vision ~
That means there is something for all the senses and all kinds of learning styles. How can that not be loads of fun! 

It’s about self loving.  And that means loving our resilient dreams that will not go away,  will not be swept under the rug.  SARK says that we dream imperfectly.  Up close there are all kinds of doubts and limitations.  She wants us to be “flailing with our dreams.” There is much gold to be found there.  SARK talks of handling our dream.  Making it “love rubbed.”  Dreams manifest in their own time, but we can nurture them.

Much of the course centers around the Boogie Beans Community.  At the heart is the very cool Maestro Conference facilities that make it like you are at a SARK workshop, except that you can go in your slippers with your own cup of tea.

During the class last Wednesday SARK talked about the various stages of dreams, and what we need when we’re in each one.  Then the participants broke up into groups, literally, and were able to talk to each other as they discussed the stages of their dreams and what they needed.  SARK was able to go from “table to table” and listen in and offer suggestions.  (I didn’t get to participate in that, since I couldn’t make the live class and had to listen later.)

Throughout the course, there will be exercises to do with your group.  And on the web site you can pick from lots of goodies.  “Juicy Intros” which gets you introductions to the others in the class.  “Positive Challenges for mentoring and asking, “What can you see?”  “Affirmations and Validations” when you need a booster shot.  “Succulent Solutions,” where you can go for answers.  And a delicious selection from Miscellaneous Dream Discussions.

SARK will give you “Own Work” to do each week.  It looks to be simple and doable. After all, the idea is to work on your dream. You can’t just do it once a week and expect to get very far. The Own Work consists of doing Just One Thing in the following categories:
 Visualizing your dream
 Intending – writing down and getting clearer
 Sharing – SARK is offering lots of ways to do that with the Boogie Buddies and the Boogie Beans Community with forums and profiles . . .
 Doing – Something. Taking a micromovement toward your dream.
SARK talked about how self love is not something we talk a lot about or encourage.  Sharing the overflow of self love to others is what helps us all grow.

This seems like a really good course. With SARK there’s always a lot of fun.  And you get lots of extras in the process, including a marvelously supportive community and SARK guiding you the whole way.  Check out all the wonderful things you get at: http://www.planetsark.com/cmd.php?Clk=3645592

Sign up by SARK’s birthday on Monday, the 19th and get her “Big Purple Crayon: A Play Book for Naming Your Dream,” free.  The deadline for signing up for the course is next Wednesday, the 21st.  Please click the picture at the top of the blog or follow this link to sign up right now!  For a gentle and challenging adventure in growing and dancing with your dream, do the Dream Boogie with SARK!