“The closer you approach a goal, the more the polarities associated with it are amplified.”  – Alan Cohen

I feel I’m on the brink of reaching a goal I’ve been working on for the better part of a year.  As I get closer, my vision of it gets clearer.  This clarity allows those polarities to reveal themselves.

I see the path more clearly now, from this perspective.  I can almost see the end of my journey, but between me and it is still a road to walk.  The refractions and reflections bouncing off the work I’ve already done, reveals that I have been dispersing my energy. And I have obstacles to get through, yet.

May I use the analogy of hooking a rug . . . As you work with pulling the individual strands of yarn through the weave, it takes a while – you must get closer to your goal of the completed rug – to see any imperfections, any wrong or loose threads.

In this way you can begin to tweak the path, hone in on what’s really essential.  If you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors, smooth the rough edges, clear away any unnecessary clogs, plug any leaks, secure any weak spots.

But you must first reach that place, close to your goal so you can see it.  So the polarities become clearer.

But this is also a vulnerable place where you can turn and run.  Where the polarities can look so formidable you’re not sure you should move ahead.  But the trick is to stay with it.  To see these polarities as guide posts, showing you the way to travel safely through. 

Let the polarities move you forward with all speed!