People are afraid.  So much dramatic and erroneous information has been pumped out into our system.

People are afraid of change.  But isn’t that what we so overwhelmingly voted for a mere 16 months ago? Things may change, but I can only see that this is going to make things better.

Our Democracy is messy.  I don’t claim to know enough about it to speak to the whys and wherefores. I know from my own observations though that it can be loud and obnoxious, sloppy, at times. Like the Creating Space work I’m doing, many things are firmly attached.  Some obviously, some not so.  It takes time to find the root and dig it out.

I see this as a first step in healthcare reform.  They tell me all the other great legislative programs that served the greater good, like Social Security, Medicare, and even Civil Rights, began as works in progress. The ball is in the field now.  We are ready to play with healthcare reform!

To me this ushers in an era of caring for one another.  I believe it is the best and the only way to assure we will move forward to a more bright future and healthier planet.  When the least of us is better, we will all be better.  Call me a Socialist if you like.

Doesn’t it make sense that we are stewards of this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants?  We’re all in this together. We will live happier, healthier, safer lives when all of us have a decent life.

I was thinking the other day: Where would I like my tax dollars to go to? What would make me feel good about paying them?  I know, currently, a large chunk of it goes to Defense.  Seems to me if everyone on the planet had what they needed, there wouldn’t be such a need for defense.

I know, this is a perfect world in my dreams.  Where health care and all its components are no longer for profit and takes care of everyone.  It just seems wrong to me, makes my skin crawl to think that one should profit off another’s misfortune and illness.  I don’t know how they can justify doing that. I’ve been told that the argument for paying teachers less than they could be making is to assure that those entering the field do so to teach, not to make money.  Why is this not the case with doctors?

In my perfect world, I would be happy to pay taxes so everyone has proper healthcare. It would not help me in the slightest if my neighbor or my boss lost everything because they happened to get sick. Doctors, firemen, teachers, policeman should all be able to make a decent living and have the tools and supplies they need for their important work. I would be pleased to help them do that.

I want my tax dollars to help all kinds of people in need. I would even pay more so that others are protected from Acts of God that are not often covered by insurance. To support efforts around the world, like Haiti and the other devastated areas of the planet. I feel that would do as much to improve my life and make it safer as my tax dollars going to keep roads and bridges in good order.

This new healthcare reform bill is moving us toward caring for each other.  They keep telling us that it is historic.  A bill for the middle class.  It also takes a huge step forward for the poor who cannot afford to stay healthy and the elderly who live on a fixed income to stay well in their declining years.  It’s For the People, not the corporations.  That is a change.  Things may not go on exactly as they have.  But I believe this bill will have positive effects and continue to make things better.  It is change we can all benefit from and believe in.