As my systems get smaller and tighter, support me more, I am feeling a sense of spaciousness in my life.

Being able to find what I need quickly and easily, not stressing so much over busy work, my file decks clear, the natty things I have to do quieted, I have more room in my head and more time on my hands.

My heart feels more open. I’ve been allowing myself more patience.  I’ve long known that my disciplinarian, hard-nosed, ingrained Work Ethic – no doubt pounded into me by my Depression-era parents – doesn’t work for me.  But it’s hard to let go of what seems to be your safety net.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels you gotta work hard, gotta keep up. . .   It is, after all, The American Way.  I’m finding that I attract far more good luck lady bugs with honey.  I feel better and function more effectively under a kinder, gentler boss.  I am more willing.  When I’m easier on myself, I just get more done.  That’s all there is to it.  A little heat can get you going, but the hand of patience can keep you moving forward.  I’ve been easier on myself these days and the results are tangible.

I also find more space in my mind.  For seeing how I’m doing things. And coming up with ways to improve on it, make it easier, more fun.  In the process freeing more time and doubling the feeling of spaciousness and ease.

Sharon Salzberg says, “Courage, spaciousness of mind and compassion are ingredients of lasting happiness.” I always feel more compassionate when I’m aware of that space in my heart.  Spaciousness of mind makes me more present minded – not so easily distracted.  Where there was tension, there is now flow. Creating more willingness and courage.

Coach by the Lake rocks!  She has helped me to get to this point where I’m seeing more clearly what is important, feeling the spaciousness in my heart and my head, and allowing my life to expand in marvelous ways!

The Spring is for renewal and growth.  I am ready.