Marcia Wieder is the Dream expert.  Making dreams come true is her specialty.  Here are a few exercises from her book “Doing Less and Having More.”

Write out your dream. What would you do? Where? With whom?  What would you create or accomplish? What does doing less and having more look like for you?

This really is the first step.  If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever figure out how to get there?  The more clear you are on the answers to these questions, the more likely you are to reach your dream.

Then, Marcia adds a second piece: Write out your current reality in relation to your dream.

She tells us that fears come from our reality, not our dream.  We can’t feel in the future.  Isn’t that an interesting concept?  Of course, it’s true, but not something you regularly think about. The key here is to think about which one we are more committed to.  Our current reality or our dream?

Most of what keeps us from moving ahead are our limiting beliefs.  Marcia wants us to write down a Limiting Belief we have.  One belief that keep us from having the life of ease we want.  One short, concise statement.  Like, “Women who are successful are hard.” Then, write its opposite: “Women can be successful and still be gentle.”

From that write a positive and empowering phrase that if you believed, it would make it easier for you to have what you want.  Try to make it something simple to remember that you can repeat like a mantra.  Like, “I can be successful and still be a woman.” Act as though you believe the new thought.  Act on it.  Try to do something every day to show that you do.

I find that many times what holds me back are the things I haven’t finished yet.  They draw energy and time from what I really want to do.  Marcia calls this the “Completion Corner.”  She says this, “Complete what you start even if that means deciding not to do it anymore.”

1) Write what you feel incomplete about with anyone or anything.  Anything that feels unsettled.  Something you think about a lot or worry about.  Does it affect other areas?

2) Write down what is incomplete or what happened, what’s missing for each item. 

3) Next to each item write what needs to be done to complete it or close it off.

“As I complete the old, I am free to create the new.”

It’s also important to know what you need to keep going.  Here is one way to do that: Describe your typical day.  Then what you would consider an ideal day.  What is your prime time?  When are you up?  When are you down?  Do what you love when you love to do it.  I find that it’s much easier for me to learn something new in the morning when my mind is fresh and well-rested.  It’s taken me a long time to figure out the best time to meditate, too.  I fall asleep if I do it too early in the morning and I’m too distracted and my thoughts are up too high in the afternoon.  I like to write in the mornings when it’s quieter in the house and my mind is not so engaged.  I like to hear what others have to say in the afternoon.

Ask of everything – Will this make my life easier?  If you take steps that make you feel joyful every day, you’re going to create a dream life.