February is a tough month around these parts.  It’s been a hard winter.  But February, it would seem, can be trying for many people.  After the excitement of the Holidays and the recuperation of January, there is little in the way of time off.  President’s Day, you say.  But how can you get a good rest and refueling in just one day?

Sark’s Awesome Anytime Adventure. That’s how.  I plugged this before in October, but now, in the heart of winter, I’d like to bring it up again.  On her magnificent web site, www.planetsark.com, SARK shows you a bit of what you can expect when you vacation with her.

There is a sampling of the journal questions you can answer.  They intrigued me and I went ahead and answered them.  The answers helped to see “Vacation Time” in a new light.  That I don’t have to make a lot of arrangements, spend a lot of money, subject myself to travel modes and weather woes.  I can escape by just staying home. I like that.

On the web site there is also a sample of SARK’s Tips for Changing Routines.  Here are a few good ones to play with:

  • Talk on the phone using your other ear.  See what you can do with the free hand.
  • Move objects around in your house.  When I was a kid, I had a bedroom that was shaped well for moving furniture around.  Every once in a while, I’d rearrange everything.  It was like having a new room!
  • Write on your clothing or bedding.  Weird thought to me, but how lovely to have a flower on your pillow or a poem on your pajamas.
  • If you usually make your bed, she suggests, don’t.  If you don’t, do.  SARK says, “I’m having an unmade bed festival.”  Certainly can change the landscape.
  • Anything that moves you out of your regular routine can make you feel refreshed. It makes you more aware, too. Things like taking a different route.  SARK has a few suggestions: wear 2 different socks, get out of the bed on the other side, sit in all the chairs in the house (talk about a new point of view!)  A fun, kid thing that I haven’t done in years is to go inside your closet and shut the door.  SARK says to see what happens in there.

If you’re feeling a little gloomy these days and need a break, try SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure.  Here is the link.
(If you sign up before February 28th, it’s $20 off!) 

Planetsark.com is always a good place to go for inspiration and fun!