I sit today in stillness.  If you have heavy snowfalls frequently you may not notice.  But around here, we don’t often get 2 feet of snow.  I live on a quiet street, but with all this snow, we don’t even get the odd car turning around in the cul-de-sac.  There are none of the usual small engine weekend sounds of suburbia.  The dampening effects of the snow keep it quite still.  The silence seems to be reflecting what’s going on inside me.

As I have been getting rid of, tightening up, moving aside, there’s less around me that isn’t serving.  So it’s grown quieter in my environment and in my head. Is it trite to talk of the forest for the trees?  But it’s an apt metaphor.  As I am clearing away branches, I can see more of the forest around me.

I can hear the still, small voice say so gently, “Wouldn’t it be nice to do that?”  Or “Maybe you don’t want to do that now.”  Perhaps it whispers, “Why not?”  Sometimes I wish it would just stand up and shout “Go for it!”  It has been known, but most of the time It doesn’t push, nor urge, just suggest. Its Guidance, though, may not be what’s most convenient or expedient at the moment.  It could require extra effort, thinking or facing something.  So, it’s easy to ignore.

Even though I can hear It well, I’m still not responding in the dutiful way I’d like to. What I can do is see what happens when I don’t heed Its call. As I watch myself get into trouble when I didn’t have to, I learn to trust more, and do what my inner Guidance suggests.  When I do that . . . the possibilities are limitless!