“Think about what makes you happy.  That’s it.” – Alan Cohen

What a beautiful, elegant and simple statement.  All you need to do to be happy is think about what makes you happy.

When you think about what makes you happy, you are putting your energy into it.  Every moment spent in that happiness field creates another drop in your happiness bucket.  It will continue to build.  If you spend 10 minutes today thinking about what makes you happy, and 20 minutes tomorrow, it will accumulate. Soon you will be able to bathe in your happiness!

What is it that keeps us from doing this simple thing?  Is it the ego which refuses to believe it can be this simple, this easy, this fun?  What?  You mean I don’t have to invest thousands of dollars, or jump through hoops or set up any equipment?  It’s difficult to grasp that it can be this way.  There must be a set of instructions a mile long to be happy.  It’s almost uncomfortable if we don’t have to “work for it.”

Just think about it.  If your mind is filed with happiness it colors how you see, feel, hear, touch and taste.  You‘re more relaxed.  Your body feels better.  Note the difference in your body when you’re smiling.

Thinking about what makes you happy keeps it front and center of your attention.  You begin to notice more and more things that make you happy.  If that’s what you’re thinking about, that’s what you’ll see.  I’m thinking of buying a new office chair.  Everywhere I go, I notice chairs and I’m constantly evaluating them.  Because it is up-front in my mind.

Feelings are magnetic.  The Law of Attraction’s power comes from our feelings.  If you feel happy, you tend to attract happy things in your life. Your vision is slanted that way.

Being happy is contagious.  It’s hard to not get happier when you’re around someone who is happy.  The Dalai Lama has a happiness that can reach over miles, sometimes through television screens or words in a book.  Powerful juju Happiness is.

So, thinking about what makes you happy is good for you, your body and for those that come in contact with your happiness.  It’s  easy to do.  You can do it anywhere, no matter the circumstances.  There just isn’t anything else.  Everything you do flows out of those droplets of Happiness in your bucket.