From the book, Wishcraft by Barbara Sher.

Wishcraft 11, Proceeding

Would Barbara Sher leave you hanging?  Absolutely not.  How do you continue once you’ve reached this stage?  It’s about the day-to-day actions that move you toward your dream.

Barbara has a very specific agenda to follow.  A Sunday Night Planning Session to get ready for the coming week. You can do this with your Buddy.  (We do ours on Saturday.)  It’s about looking back at what you did and thinking ahead to what you need to do in the coming days.  Because of the work you’ve done over the previous week, your First Steps may change.  You may have had a Brainstorming Session or a Barn Raising party and have new information, new people to contact, new activities to complete.
Fill out your weekly calendar and share with your Buddy the things you plan to accomplish in the next week.  And make sure any appointments are on your calendar.  You can talk about any problems you’re encountering (or write them down.)  Barbara suggests a little Hard Times, if necessary.  It’s always easier with a Buddy.

Every day, Barbara suggests, fill in your Action Feelings Journal.  I keep a diary of what I do each day and have added how I feel to it.  I am certainly seeing that I often get more done on the days I don’t feel good.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.  Maybe it’s about making up for it.  Or trying to get out of feeling bad: If I accomplish a few things I will feel better. And I do.  I like to think that I do better work on the days that I feel good, but I can plow through a lot of little nitty things when I’m not.

I have to admit, I don’t actually write it out, but I do think a lot more now about what I need to do tonight in order to prepare for tomorrow. 

In her inimitable fashion, Barbara asks that we reward ourselves each and every day.  I love that! “Give yourself something nice,” she says. It can be as simple as a cup of herb tea or, if you did exceptionally well this week (or this day), think of something bigger.

Finally, as you’re drifting off to sleep, think about yourself in your Ideal Environment and sleep with that.  What a beautiful way to go to dreamland!

The morning routine consists of getting up a little earlier (ugh!)  Just a little to look at your planning chart and see where today’s action fits into the whole.  That might be worth getting up earlier for.

In the Epilogue, Barbara asks us to learn to live with our successes. “Each small step you accomplish is going to feel like success.”  And remember, “Winning is a process, not a product.”  The more you can enjoy the day-to-day activities (releasing the outcome) the happier you will be!

She leaves us with three tips to keep on keeping on.

1) Hooray for Me! Give yourself praise along the way.  It is the best way to keep going.

2) Fake It.  With every step you take there will be new challenges.  Many teachers have taught us to “fake it until you make it.”  It’s a corny phrase, but it really works.  Barbara also offers us a mantra: .  “I will not, repeat, will not sabotage myself, no matter how much I may want to!” Recently, I’ve been seeing how I thwart myself by telling myself I’m too tired or I need that extra helping . . .  The truth is: I don’t.  She gives us two ways to help fake it.  Use a Hard Times before you do something that’s scary and one after.  Also, dress the part. Wear the clothes that say Success. If you don’t feel like doing something, dressing the part will often help to motivate you.

3) Until You Get Used to It – keep moving forward.  Imagine something even better to pull you ahead.  “Each destination you reach only opens out into wider horizons, new and undiscovered countries for you to explore.”  Let that energy propel you forward!

Wishcraft is a phenomenal book that just gets better with each reading.  It holds up extremely well.  If you had a new copy in your hand, it wouldn’t occur to you that it’s 30 years old!  The only thing I found that might give it away is the process of logging resources.  It’s so much easier now! If you want to get up and get going, this is the book to read. 

Barbara has several other books including “Refuse to Choose” and “Live the Life You Love.”  Check our some of her web sites through my web site,  under “Connections.” Among other things, you'[ll see how you how she’s brought logging resources into the 21st Century.

Her blogs are as follows: (This is a more personal blog.)

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