From the book Wishcraft, by Barbara Sher

A reader of this blog added a point to my list of the Positive Points of Accountability. She suggested Community.  I think that’s a perfect positive!  Working alone most of the time, and with a marvelous support system, I forget the value of community and where I’d be without it.  That’s what Barn Raising is all about.

Much as we might like to imagine we have everything we need, we do need others.  As a species, we were not meant to do things alone.  Barbara says, “Sharing skills and resources is a deep human pleasure and need that’s wired into our survival.”  She claims there’s a network of helping hands behind every genuine success.  You just can’t do great things without a community.  No one can.

Barbara suggests 4 to 15 people (though her “Success Team” meetings can be far larger).  Everyone can gather a dozen or so people. Invite a variety of people and ask them to bring friends. There are only 3 simple rules:
 1) Be as specific as possible about what you need.  After all, that’s what this party is about!
 2) Get the most specific information you can.  If someone has an idea, get all the vital statistics you can: name, phone, e-mail, etc. and note where the idea came from.
 3) Follow up on your leads. Let the person know how their lead turned out. You might also send a thank you note. Barbara adds, “The most important resource people can offer each other is people.”  Keep the wheel turning.
To me, this follows the 6 degrees of separation theory.  Get yourself 6 people and you are likely to find whatever if is you need, meet whoever you wish to meet, get your work in anyone’s hands. It’s all about joining hands and helping each other.  We are all connected in some way. The stronger we make someone else, the stronger we make ourselves. The more powerful our community.

Community helps us by:
1.  Keeping us from feeling isolated
2.  Sharing experiences that can lead to solutions
3.  Finding someone who has or can help us find whatever we need
4.  Making us stronger than we are alone
5.  Supporting us in raising our barn. You can’t raise a barn alone!

Any other thoughts on the positives of community?

The next step in Wishcraft is to put all this collected information on a flow chart to shift the process into gear.