Last week, I spoke about Susan Jeffers’ “No Lose Choice Points.” Some may think that is to be used only when we have major life decisions. But even on the small, day-to-day choices this practice can create a life-changing effect on us.
By filling up even the little Choice Points with goodies, making it a choice between, say

Chocolate which makes me feel safe and like a kid again or

Vanilla which makes me feel light and well cared for

I can begin to relish making choices.

Without all the angst around Should I, Will I, Can I, May I, choosing becomes fun! A chance to check in and see what I really want in the moment.

Many of our problems happen when we make inappropriate choices. When we can’t decide and find it difficult and overbearing or confusing and decide under pressure. Or when we don’t decide and leave it up to “fate.” (Which will happily continue to roll along with or without us and our non-choice.) Sometimes we make a choice for others, without making sure it sits well with our internal register. These are all places where trouble can set in.

Everything we see, hear, taste, smell is conjured up through our choices. How we choose has a profound effect on the life we build around us. Our choice of job, place to live, people to be with, books to read, food to eat, all contribute to constructing and shaping the world we live in.

It makes sense that if we go at making all our choices with gusto, joy and awareness we’re going to make better decisions. That’s a life-change choice!