“5 Easy Steps tor Discovering What you Really Want and Getting it!” Great concept, huh? Marcia Wieder, the author of this classic book, is a Dream Master. She has been writing and teaching manifesting dreams for many years. Some of her other books are, “Making Your Dreams Come True” and “Life is But a Dream.” I read “Making Your Dreams Come True” years ago. Maybe that’s why I have such a clear vision of my dream.

“Ease” Marcia says, “is about effortlessly accessing and shifting energy.” Of course, the most powerful step you can take is to be more aware of yourself and your feelings. She stresses the importance of taking good care of yourself, too.

She has an usual take on using your will. I’ve already talked about it in previous blog and may well delve into it again, at another time. It’s about, I believe, generating your passion and the will follows, easily and effortlessly.

The book is full of numbered lists like “10 Ways To Make Life More Difficult.” The exercises are stacked with thoughtful questions to answer. It’s an easy read with her humor and deep belief in making your dreams come true.

Speaking of beliefs, she talks at length about dealing with limiting beliefs that are often in the way of manifesting what you want. Our beliefs and the consequential feelings from them create our thoughts and help or impede our progress.

Her Passion Pyramid, starting from a firm foundation of your Purpose, moves into making that purpose into an exciting Dream, creating Projects to make that dream happen and at the top is Scheduling.

She talks a lot about creating a dream that you are more committed to than your current reality. She acknowledges that road can be rough. “As you connect with your purpose and passion, old programming surfaces. As you start to feel your dreams and desires, your limiting beliefs will show up And as you start to act on what you truly want, reality will test you.” You need to be clear about what you want and use passion for your dream to keep you moving toward it.

Marcia offers lots of fun tools like the “Completion Corner” which helps us find solutions to obstacles. Her essential theory on Obstacles: “Whenever there is an obstacle, design a strategy to manage it.” I like the “Ease Meter” where you decide on a set of criteria for helping to decide if a project is worth taking on or not.

The #1 way to get more ease, according ot Marcia, is to build what she calls an “Ease Team.” Everyone talks about getting support from others. Dreams never come true from one person’s effort only. “The greatest magic happens when we share our dreams with others.” I love that!

“Doing Less and Having More” will teach you a lot about yourself and what you’re looking for. And, if you follow the instructions, Marcia can help you make your dreams your reality.