According to Merriam Webster, “The coincidental occurrence of events.” When things fall into place like clock-work. Without raising a bead of sweat or even using the mind to conjure a plan. That’s Synchronicity.

It is my contention that all you need to do to make this happen more often in your life is to acknowledge when it does.

Perhaps all it does is make you more aware of it. Like when I was a kid, when we’d get a new car, all of a sudden we started seeing the same car everywhere. Was it that we bought one which caused others to buy it, too? Or was it because we were just noticing that make and model now?

Doesn’t really matter which. Sharpening your awareness is ALWAYS good. I like the feeling of magic myself. It makes it more fun to spot.

I’m of the mind that you can also help generate synchronicity by setting an intention, or calling it. A mantra of “So Hum” is used to call synchronicity. Best to chant it out loud to engage the vocal harmony. I say it as often as I can: In the car, off to run errands, before I leave for an adventure out, waiting for someone, or even in traffic jams.

Some might feel this is about inaction, but it certainly isn’t. It’s not about waiting. It’s about setting an intention that things go smoothly and expecting that things will happen easily. You still have to take the action.

I can’t say that I have practiced this long enough to guarantee success. I tend to get distracted when the world calls, absorbing my attention, but that’s my issue. I can say that it’s a fun game and produces positive results. Try it. All you have to do is simply notice when things go your way and say thanks. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself moving through life a little easier