I was reading the other day, in Marcia Wieder’s, Doing Less and Having More about her definition of Will. Rather than the usual, grit your teeth and make things happen definition, she talks about using will in ease.

As I see it, it goes like this: First, you set your will and intention to say Yes. To allow all to be just as it is. Sharon Salzberg, in her beautiful book, A Heart as Wide as the World, explains Right Effort from the Buddha’s Eightfold Noble Path, “Right Effort is a willingness to open where we have been closed, to come close to what we have avoided, to be patient with ourselves and to let go of our preconceptions.” This seems to speak of that ease which Marcia was talking about. Will, in this case, is about opening rather than closing.

I think this kind of efforting frees us from the emotions that keep us tight, bogged down and clouded – unsure, afraid, hesitant.

Without all that, it’s easy to see what is really going on. Using that knowledge, in quiet and acceptance, you can know what to do next, hear Guidance, see what will work. This easily flows you into action.