From Traveling Hopefully by Libby Gill

In this chapter, Libby says, “we’re going to connect the big chunks of color as well as the little loose ends of your life and interweave them into a personal road map that is both practical and pleasing.” She calls it a “blueprint for life transformation.”

The first thing we did was “Defining Your Life of Purpose and Passion.” It was a wonderful exercise for me. To gather my thoughts and feelings throughout this journey traveling hopefully has felt really good! It’s helped me prioritize what I need to do and what I can put aside for another time. I was really able to clear the decks!

I especially liked how Libby pulled everything together taking us through the entire process with a real life example. This gave me and Krista a clear picture of how to draw our own road maps.

Libby took us through the five steps she outlined in the beginning:

Step 1: Dissect Your Past, So You Can Direct Your Future. The work we did in the early chapters made this easy.

Step 2: Link Internal Clarity With External Action. Libby defines it again for us, “Internal clarity is a sense of awareness that can help you turn down the volume on all the noise in your life so you can hear your own inner guidance.” Gee whiz! That seems to be what I’m always doing. Libby added, “The powerful combination of clarity and action is unstoppable.” If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

Step 3: Recruit a Support Squad. We got to see how the subject chose her squad, based on her goals.

Step 4: Creating Your Traveling Hopefully Personal Road Map. Libby explains in detail how to bring together Goals, Action Steps and a Timetable. I feel my roadmap is a work in progress and I like the idea of being able to adjust it. I’m really good at making plans, but not always so good at following through and meeting my own deadlines. Without heat, it’s easy to get distracted by other things. Still, I feel a grounding from this process that will move me along – even if it’s not on the specific time frame I’ve laid out. Libby reminds us, “Don’t worry about wrong turns or blunders as you proceed and dare to be brilliant!”

This seems like something I’d want to do every six months or a year. I feel like my statement of purpose and passion will carry me through this adventure I’ve begun.

The next step, Step 5 is to Move Toward What You Want and Away From What No Longer Serves You. I’ll look at the final step (and chapter) in our journey next week.