I’ve felt a need to speak my peace on the healthcare debate. Rachel Maddow summed it up well when she said, this isn’t a debate, it’s “people who want to fix healthcare vs. people who don’t even want this conversation to happen.”

President Obama is a smart man. And I am certain he came to this task of healthcare reform knowing it wasn’t going to be easy. Perhaps he didn’t count on the specific backlash he’s gotten. Who could have? With the craziness and lies, no one could have predicted these particular issues. But clearly, the Administration knew it was in for a fight.

I found this note I made just after President Obama’s Inauguration Speech: “I feel certain all the challenges will be met. He may not be able to solve them all, but he will meet them head on, address them and put his best people to the task of figuring it out, then, with all that knowledge and advice, filter it through his compassionate and principled heart and his brilliant and clear seeing mind.”

There are a couple things I know about Barack Obama. 1) He’s smart; 2) He has a lot of knowledgeable people around him; 3) He listens to others; 4) He has our best interest at heart in his bottom up theories; 5) He believes deeply in his principles; 6) I would like to think, from his experience in congress, that he knows what is involved in getting a bill passed; 7) Barack Obama has proven that he is working for us. Each and every day. (Gee whiz, he’s entitled to a few days off. Like everyone else.)

A lot of this debate has been caught up in absurdity and lies. Seems to me we should be talking more about how much it is going to cost, where the money is coming from and the best way to insure everyone and bring the costs down and the accountability up.

I do get to wondering what all the fuss is about: Death panels and socialism. The opposition seems best at coming up with names, instead of voicing complaints and flinging fear instead of offering ideas. What is it they think Mr. Obama wants to do? What would it serve him, his presidency, his re-election, his family, to make this a socialist country? To institute death panels? Because he wants to help others, is that socialist?

I do not believe there is any working person who doesn’t have something negative to say about the health care in this country (even Glenn Beck), or at least a wish that it could be better.

I feel strongly that President Obama knows what he’s doing and that this is no small goal. Obama’s presidency will be judged, in large part, on his ability to make this happen. Surely, he needs to mend the economic fences, and God willing, put an end to these wars, but central to his campaign promises and his Administration is getting healthcare reform.

It may take some time. I heard it said recently that Social Security took a couple of bills to get it right. Even if Barack Obama’s healthcare visions are not perfectly intact, or slightly off course, it feels likely he will get some (if not most) of what he’s asking for. Something will be done about healthcare in this country. The state it’s in, anything will be an improvement.