From “Traveling Hopefully” by Libby Gill

I have done the “Inner Voices” exercise a few times before, in different places. Even took a workshop on Archetypes and Sacred Contracts, so I have long thought about the various voices in me. This time I decided to work on my “staff” as I prepare to start a business.

At my dinner party with the various parts of me, I discovered my Secretary feels overworked (as she did when I was a secretary out in the world.) A way to deal with it might be to spread out her work among some of the other voices. I was pleased to find several voices who were willing to help out. The Scribe, for instance, could take over some of the menial tasks. The Schmoozer can field the calls that Secretary would rather not. I was surprised at how they all came out to help and wanted to interact with each other. I recently listened to an interview with Dr. Sue Morter who does cognitive work. She said that if we acknowledged all the parts of us, we would see that we are not as inadequate as we thought, but in fact, we have all we need. Off in the corner, I noticed a few old friends I had forgotten. What a wonderful exercise this is!!

I found it really helpful, not only in bringing out the right voice for the right job, but also in dealing with others in the “Inner Voice Communication” exercise. I haven’t always made the right match ups, but I am watching my interactions and seeing one voice might work better than what comes out from habit. It’s a great idea to role play, to see how each voice works and create a script ahead of time.

All in all, I thought this chapter was most helpful. I now have a wonderful internal team to turn to! And some forgotten gems to dust off and refurbish.