Reflexology is one of my favorite healing modalities. Who wouldn’t make contented sounds when having their feet rubbed by an expert? Evidently, there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that connect to various parts of the body. By rubbing specific points, the reflexologist relaxes and loosens the flow of energy through the body. It’s an amazing feeling when someone rubs your foot and you feel it in your shoulder. Reflexology is something you can learn to do for yourself, in between visits.

Judith Dobbs, a reflexologist in my area said this about it on her web site,, “It works like remote control into the body. By pressing on the reflexes on the feet, I can tell if the client has a headache, stiff neck, low back pain, if they drink enough water or eat too much sugar! Usually by the end of a half hour session, most headaches and aches and pains change, if not disappear, and my client is left with a wonderful sense of well-balance.”

Reflexology is especially good for stress-related issues, like digestion, headaches, and insomnia. It can also help arthritis, back pain and hormonal imbalances, according to I didn’t see anything in my research about this, but I had a planter’s wart on my foot that had been surgically burned off when I was child and came back many years later. Judith, in several sessions, was able to make it go away! I don’t know how she did it. A friend of mine, with the same problem, had surgery. Though our recovery time was about the same, she was laid up for most of hers and I got to have a series of foot rubs and no post-op stress. had some wonderful interactive charts to show which areas on the foot and hands correspond to which parts of the body. It’s worth a look.