I’m working through the wonderful book, “Traveling Hopefully” by Libby Gill. The exercises this week included listing 5 “flaws and faults.” I wrangled at that. I don’t want to think about my flaws. That’s negative thinking.

But I did it anyway and began putting them down. As I knew it would, in no time flat 7 flaws came tumbling out: I often get distracted, I doubt myself on a regular basis and I am extremely self critical, among others. But when I surveyed them in a row like that I started to see a pattern. They all marched in line like baby chicks following Mom. When I get afraid, I doubt myself, I get distracted, and then I’m critical, etc. etc. What a revelation! Out of an exercise of negative thinking something positive came forth. It’s all in how you look at it.

So many things that look negative or even unpleasant on the surface, can be viewed in a more positive light to gain insight and sometimes, turn around. Yes, it’s all for the best, is not just a clever phrase to soothe, it’s really true. It just takes moving around to another side and viewing from a different slant. The big issues may be harder, but certainly the little things in our lives, like how well I did something, or the way someone treated me, surely can be viewed from a positive slant in order to see the shining jewel.