It’s basketball playoff season and the Sixers are in it! So, at least for now, the movies are in shorter supply. We watched a documentary the other night called “Heckler” that talked about both hecklers and critics. An interesting piece with interviews of comics and actors who spoke of the pain they feel when critics are cruel. I make it a habit not to talk about or recommend things I don’t like. So here are a few I do ~


MI-5 a.k.a. Spooks (2002 – Present)

There have been 7 seasons of this British TV show. The episodes, so far, are on DVD. I’ve found them most interesting. We get to know a little something about the private lives of the people of MI-5 protecting the country from terrorists, listening in and thwarting plots. As far as I know, in England, these men and women are referred to as spooks. Characters tend to come and go, but the stories are taut and the people, likeable.


Relax into Wealth (2006) by Alan Cohen

I believe the first book I read in this self-help/spirituality genre was his book, “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” probably around 1993. I haven’t finished the Wealth book, and can’t say I’ve been able to relax into it, yet, but I’m enjoying the ride! I love books that make you feel good just reading them. Each chapter has short and lively sections with real life stories. At the end are good, though-provoking questions and an affirmation. Mr. Cohen walks us through following our own inner guidance and taking the easy road where possible. Chapters include: Always Enough, You Get What You Let, and Passion Pays. I recommend it highly!


Lives in the Balance by Jackson Browne (1986)

I have long said that Jackson Browne is the greatest living songwriter. I only added the living part to cover myself in the event of someone else being better. I excused my beloved Dan Fogelberg from that competition because he was, in my mind, a better “songwriter,” using richer words than Mr. Browne. Dan Fogelberg’s songs are poetry set to music. Jackson Browne is, perhaps, a much better writer than most songwriters. His words are more clear and concrete. His lyrics evoke so much more than just love and heartbreak. And they rang just as true in 2006 as they did in 1986:

“And there’s a shadow on the faces

Of the men who send the guns

To the wars that are fought in places

Where their business interest runs”

Always makes me weep