1. Eat Wisely – choose good foods, but also think about how you eat. Are you stressed out, eat too fast, with too many distractions? Is your food appealing to the eye as well as the mouth? Eating junk food may feel good in the short-term, but eating healthy and nutritious food gives you a more sustained good feeling. Not to mention strength and energy!

2. Make Enjoyable Movement part of your day – whatever that may be. It’s not necessary to go to a gym for three hours. Find a sport or activity you love. The best exercise programs contain movements you love to do. That’s the best way to sustain it. Getting movement in every day, in some form or another will keep your body running well. If you can’t move, spend a little time imagining it. Studies show that can work the same magic.

3. Sleep Well – be sure to get the right amount of sleep, for you. Statistics say most people function on far less sleep than they should. Be sure you’re getting enough and you will function much better. And be in a better mood. If you can, napping is a great addition to a full night’s sleep. (Best-selling author Sark claims the more naps you take, the more money you make!)

4. Have Fun – find things that give you that feeling of delight and do them often. Rest is one thing, but fun is something else. Best to choose healthy forms of fun. A good laugh may be enough. Take it easy and keep it light.

5. Be Kind to Others – the more the better. Getting angry, frustrated and aggravated at others impedes the work of your body. It’s an amazing thing what being good to others can do for your mind as well as your body.

6. Think Good Thoughts – keep yourself calm and at peace with positive thoughts. Life is what it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have good thoughts. Being grateful for what you have, rather than thinking about what you don’t, is a really good place to start. Using gentle words on yourself will help, too. Would you say it to a loved one? If not, don’t talk to yourself that way!

7. Smile, a lot – it’s amazing what it can do for your mood, even if you fake it. Spreading good cheer to others will make your day a little smoother.