As the cold temperatures keep me indoors still, I become aware of the effects of the light deprivation of winter. Light, like sound, has a frequency that can impact our health.

I am fascinated by Light and Sound Therapy. It seems to make so much sense to me. As a life-long devotee of music, I’m well aware of its power over my moods. Having attended my share of rock concerts, I have felt its physical impact, on more than just my ear drums. I consider myself a rational, perhaps restrained individual. But I could see myself, at a Beatles concert being reduced to shrieking or tears. My work time (especially when writing) feels different when music is playing in the background. Many people find they can concentrate more and feel more at ease with music playing.

Both sound and light are forms of energy medicine. With electrons constantly moving around, all of life is made of energies. There is a thing called a “Cosmic Octave” which may show the vibrational level of molecules. Light is said to emit a frequency 40 octaves above normal sound! Rhythms and frequencies can reach parts of our subconscious that others cannot. The Chakra system in our body is also coordinated with colors. Light has been used to help with depression. Especially like my winter woes. Each color of the spectrum has its own qualities for healing when light is used through it. Complimentary sounds have been linked to those colors. It’s an intriguing modality with potentially wide-reaching benefits.

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