Michael Clayton (US, 2007)

A good script, intelligent dialog and a consistent tone. George Clooney is always likeable, even when his character isn’t. Michael Clayton is what they call a “fixer” for a large legal firm. He takes care of problems that won’t go away. His mentor at the firm begins to question the ethics of the chemical company he represents. The bland title gives no hint of the interesting story that unfolds.


Arabesque (US, 1966)

Gregory Peck is a professor hired to break a hieroglyphic code and foil a plot. Sophia Loren, as the mistress of the bad guy, keeps Gregory on his toes. It’s an odd role for Gregory Peck, full of innuendo and sarcasm. It’s based on a novel called Cypher, which probably reads a little less tongue in cheek.  Atmospheric and surprising.


CJ7 (Hong Kong, 2008)

Stephen Chow writes, directs and stars in this delightful tale of life, death, honor, friendship and magic. It’s a story of a young boy, the son of a poor laborer, trying to keep up with the rich children at his school. Unable to buy his son the latest toy, the father brings home what he thinks is a ball from the junk yard. The ball turns out to be something very different.