I think I’ve revealed my liberal underwear already. Times have changed and it seems it’s okay to have an opinion these days.

I was struck by Rachel Maddow’s opening remarks on The Rachel Maddow Show aired on March 27th. She compared and contrasted the strategies of George Bush and Barack Obama on sending troops to Afghanistan. I love the way her mind works! She showed us the similarity in rhetoric with video clips and then talked about the differences in intentions.

I’m relieved by all this. The adults are in charge. Someone (who, by the way is thinking AND listening) is paying attention. Is it the right move to send more troops and/or trainers to Afghanistan? I surely don’t know the answer to that. If it were up to me, I always take the side of peace. I find war to be a game men play – stupid and despicable. But who am I to say? It’s probably a good thing for this planet that I am not in charge.

What kind of fool would take on all these problems? How the economy plays out is anyone’s guess. The President has an impossible job: figuring out all these things. Mr. President, what about this catastrophe? And what are we going to do about these guys? What’s going to happen about this problem? All up against a machine that does not take kindly to being bent and changed.

But it is only a radical change, “a fierce disruption of the ordinary,” as Kristen Moeller, Author, Coach and Radio Show Host says, to make all these problems go away (or at least toned down). It’s going to take one community at a time, from the ground up. A poke here, a poke there, and eventually, things will open up. There’s already been a level of transparency, accountability, as well as responsibility (the ability to respond – to more than one thing at a time) than we’ve seen in a very long time. I’m just glad someone is minding the store.