We live in an energetic world. Energy swirling around us all the time. Being able to manipulate energy affects us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Reiki can cure a physical injury, though there need not be physical contact. It is one of several modalities that work with energetic spiritual healing. Too, Reiki’s movement of energy can diffuse emotions and calm the mind. It is energy healing, using the sense and intuition of the Reiki practitioner.

In 1922, after a 21-day spiritual retreat on Mount Kurama in Japan, Mikao Usui came away with the ability of “healing without energy depletion.” He learned how to make energy well again. Rei is often translated as spiritual energy, mountain energy, sometimes as far as supernatural or miraculous power. Ki, Qi, or Chi, represent the life force energy in each of us. Using Reiki you can apply spiritual energy to the body.

If you hold your hand a few inches over a spot on your body that’s hurting and leave it there for maybe a few minutes, perhaps just a few seconds, you will start to feel a warmth building.

The Reiki patient lies on the table in comfortable clothes. There is a certain amount of intuition involved to be able to sense the places that need healing or warmth. It’s not a trance, necessarily, but the practitioner must focus, find a quiet space inside. There is no talking during the session. And while there may be the laying on of hands, there could just as well not be. Typically, it’s around the head.  The belly and the lower back. The knees and the feet. Intuition may kick in again to guide how long to stay in one position to warm and heal the area. 12 to 20 positions might be used. The practitioner could  work on just the injured area or the whole body.

A Reiki treatment is often repeated, like chiropractics, once a week to once a month, to stay healthy or to repair a wound. The patient can also boost the healing themselves, in between visits.

Practitioners are “attuned” and certified on several levels in Reiki. It’s often a course you take. The second degree improves the strength of the practitioner’s power, so that he or she can heal without being anywhere near the patient. Master level bestows teaching certification.

Here is the Reiki Gokai or Five Principles that should be said with palms together every day. Just for today ~

Do not be angry.

Do not worry.

Be grateful.

Work with integrity.

Be kind to others.

That sounds like a good recipe for healthy energy – body, mind and spirit.