This is another piece that started with “Evan Almighty.” Evan’s alarm kept going off at 7:40 (or something like that), no matter what he set it for. Turned out to be the passage in the Bible about Noah and his Ark. So I suspect, that got me thinking, watching. I kept seeing 11:11, often.

Turns out it happens to a lot of people.

It would seem logical that we notice 11:11 (and other configurations similar). It’s recognizable and memorable. That the phenomenon has reached a higher level of probability could well be attributed to the digital age. (In my home, I have several digital readings of the time, which are not always synchronized.  Allowing me several occurrences within minutes of each other.)

It does call for your attention and therefore is a good trigger of present moment awareness. They say it’s associated with synchronicity (even if my clocks aren’t). A wake up call. Pay Attention! Who says it’s not just the right time for that calling? It certainly does speak of balance. And it can look like twin doorways. Some say it’s evidence that there are beings from another plane watching over us. To me it’s just more proof of the Loving Universe.

Whatever it is, I feel good about it. Of course, since I’ve looked it up, I don’t see it so much anymore. Message received?

Clearly, something’s happening. For me, for many people I know, for this country and probably the world. Uri Geller said, “The 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral of evolution.” Could point to exciting times!