Ginseng grows all over Asia, but much of it comes from China, where Chinese herbalists swear by it. It has long been said (for thousands of years) that Ginseng improves mental functions like concentration and memory. It helps to balance the effects of stress, as well as blood sugar. This all adds up to a calmer, more energetic you. Ginseng supports your immune system, too, which helps to keep you going. Its stamina building effects are not lost on the cause of male virility. The herbalists believe that Ginseng prolongs life, can cure or prevent cancer and helps in Type II diabetes. Tonic they call it. Sounds to me like a general prescription for well-being. One site said Ginseng can even cure a hangover!

Ginseng is often used to flavor drinks and sweeten soap. In its more raw form, though, it is strong medicine. So if you are taking other medications, be sure to check with your doctor, first. It does not play well with man-made prescriptions. Of course, talk to your doctor (or just put it off) if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Red Panax Ginseng seems to be a favored variety. I get it in little bottles in an alcohol base. I take one a day – unless it’s a particularly long or stressful day. I’ve heard tell of people taking two or three on a regular basis. See what works for you. Live long and prosper.