I’ve been thinking this week about the Loving Universe Theory. I’ve had some annoying computer problems that just won’t go away. I find myself almost automatically leaning toward questions of what I did wrong. Did I do something to the computer? But that’s only the beginning. As an aware person, I know I create my own reality. So, why have I placed this boulder in my path that makes everything I try to do that much harder? If I blame myself or attribute a flaw of mine as the cause, it becomes a difficult and onerous chore to remove it or get over it. But, if I turn around and say, this is the Loving Universe conspiring on my behalf, I see a whole range of options. Maybe this is about practicing patience. Or finding other ways to get things done. Perhaps I should be spending more time contemplating, reading or cleaning the house. Without that sticky emotion of blame, maybe I can find another resource for fixing the problem. That’s a lot more fun and doable than, ” I screwed up again!”