Quinoa is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet that has been used for thousands of years. The Incas saw it as sacred and called it the mother all of grains. Not only is it a hearty crop, but it has far more protein than other grains. The Incas found it gave them great strength. Quinoa also contains all the essential ammino acids, making it a complete protein. The minerals in it help support heart health as it eases constricted blood vessels. It’s easy to digest and is gluten-free, so celiacs can enjoy it. Though it is similar to rice, it is technically not a grain but more akin to leafy greens like spinach (and we all know how good spinach is!) It cooks quickly (like white rice). You can enjoy Quinoa in a lot of tasty savory dishes, as you would rice, but you could add dried fruit and maybe honey and have an energy- packed breakfast. Quinoa can also be ground into flour and makes a hearty pasta, with a less gritty texture than whole wheat. Quinoa is available in the local grocery store. If not, ask for it, or try a health food store.