War, Inc. (US, 2008)

John Cusack co-wrote and starred in this over-the-top send up of the military industrial complex. Cusack is an assassin who must pose as an event coordinator, in a loosely veiled Iraq, to get close to his mark. Hilarious, but poignant

If it’s Tuesday, It Must be Belgium (US, 1969)

After three episodes in a row of Deadwood, maybe I just needed the lighter side of Ian McShane. This is a 60’s romp, full of sexual innuendo and farce. A group of characters from the United States tour 7 countries in 18 days. I missed this the first time around. Worth another look even if you saw it back in the day. Good, mindless fun.

Legend of the Black Scorpion (Hong Kong, 2006)

Historical drama, castle intrigue, high flying Kung Fu, and treachery. What more could you ask for?  How about incredibly  lavish sets and gorgeous clothes draping the players who are all jockeying for something.