I’ve come to the conclusion that you can tell the Good Truth or you can tell the negative truth, and it does not change the reality. When you get right down to it, you really have no choice but to accept what is. It does absolutely no good for you and no one will ever advise you to deny what is. But while I’m telling the truth about it, I’m going to give it a positive spin whenever I can.

The principle of yin yang is a universal truth – everything contains the seed of the other. So, in every situation we face, there is a hint of both the positive and the negative. It all depends on what story you choose to tell, what seed you choose to water. I use, what I call, the Loving Universe Theory. It states that everything that happens to you, every person you come in contact with, every song you hear, every movie you see, every snippet of conversation you overhear, and every situation you find yourself in is there to help you wake up, evolve, learn a lesson. If I apply that theory I can come up with a more gentle way of seeing things.

I’ll give you an example. We recently got FIOS in the house. Fiber optic, digital television. As part of the deal, for three months, we have access to thousands of movies. They’re there, ready to play, so we end up watching things we might not otherwise. I saw “Evan Almighty” with Steve Carell. It was fun, light, fare. What surprised me was a comment Morgan Freeman, as God, said. I’m not quoting exactly, but he said, in essence, when you ask for something, do you think God just drops it in your lap, like some kind of cosmic ATM? No. God provides you with the opportunities to get what you want. The causes and conditions you have asked for. To me that was very profound. In a Hollywood movie! Who woulda thunk? It’s a Loving Universe.

This positive stance I’m hoping to take melts away the negativity gripping my heart, my hand, my mind. I no longer have to be so afraid, upset, angry, frustrated, insecure, or unsure. Rather than wobbling around at the whim of my emotions, I am seeing things more clearly and I’m in a more calm, steady position from which to make a choice and take action.