I’ve just finished reading this book and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. With 5 steps and 21 tools, there’s plenty to learn and do. The exercises are fun and thought- provoking. Her style is easy and friendly. Generously sharing her own story, it’s as if you were being personally coached by Libby herself. I didn’t, I’m afraid, do all the exercises in the book, yet. (I began reading it for research as it is a competitive book to Raising Yourself.) But I have enlisted one of my buddies to work through it with me. Along the reading way, I dabbled in a few (see my previous blog on the 5 Characteristics) and I’m eager to try out more. One of the tools I’m particularly excited about is the one where you “name and tame” the voices in your head. I’ve been journalling for a lot of years, so I’m familiar with some of those voices. I haven’t named all of them, yet. And I never thought of bringing them together for a conference and enlisting them to offer their expertise in specific areas of my life. Great stuff! Another clever tool that’s handy at this time of year is the “3 P’s.” She suggests listing your goals in three categories: ” Professional, Personal and Possessions.” I like that. She does point out the possible reluctance to list such things as possessions. But it is clearly in line with Abundance Principles to do so. Chellie Campbell instructs us in her wonderful book, “The Wealthy Spirit,” to create “Low, Medium and High Budgets.” Having enough money to pay bills is one thing, but having enough money to buy that leather jacket you’ve been wanting puts a whole ‘nother level of fire under what you’re doing to get that money. Chellie says, “When you get passionate about what you want, then you get passionate about doing what it takes to have it.” Having a list of the possessions you hope to gather sure adds fuel for that fire. May we all be filled with that kind of passion for what we’re doing!

Please visit or revisit these books. I have it on good authority that Libby Gill is coming out with a new book in the Fall. I can’t wait!