Burn After Reading (US, 2008)

Yet another wonderful Coen Brothers romp with well-sketched characters. Malkovich is stunning. George Clooney warms my heart. Brad Pitt becomes his character and Frances McDormand is always a pleasure to watch. Great writing, stellar cast, engaging story. What more could you ask for?

The Narrow Margin (US, 1952)

Film noir on a train. A witness must be transported on a train from Chicago to Los Angeles. Fast-talking dames, wrangle with tough-as-nails coppers and bantering thugs, turning you this way and that. A great ride.

PU 239 (Russia, 2006) aka The Half Life of Timofey Berezin

I have a soft spot for Russian films. Maybe it’s because of my Russian roots. Another reviewer talked of the two movies strung together here. One is a bold and sad story of the horrors of nuclear power, woven delicately between a humourous caper flick. In the tradition of the Asian films like Tokyo Raiders, Fallen Angels, or Minbo, The Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion. Crime with a light-hearted edge. I thought it worked.